Google’s New Blob Opera Lets Anyone Create Their Adorable Musical Cartoons With The Addictive Google App

Blob Opera is a wonderfully weird new Google AI experiment that uses machine learning to help you compose what’s essentially a Barbershop Quartet of pseudo-Minion-like cartoons, and the internet is already going wild for the fun and festive distraction. You don’t need any musical knowledge or training—you just need a […]

Google’s Language Comprehensibility Gadget Unfurl Substantiated For Third-Party Developers

The Language Interpretability Platform is a toolset for comprehending, understanding and inspecting rational language processing prototypes.LIT enumerates and manifests metrics for enormous data sets to accentuate illustrations in precursor achievement. The Language Interpretability Platform is a toolset for imagining, understanding and auditing realistic language processing prototypes. The Language Interpretability Tool […]