Indian Government Restricted Chinese Funded Startups Due To Indo-China Bordering Tension

Foreign direct investments (FDI) is always a source of external Capital for any country. FDIs generate greater revenue, making greater tax returns for the government – that ultimately improves financial infrastructure of any country. Because of Indo-China tension, Indian government showed some concerns about FDI, stating that government’s permission is […]

Illumina Accelerator Hail Entrepreneurs To Breakthrough Genomic Startups

Illumina Accelerator is the first business Accelerator that precisely focused on creating a startup system. Accelerator was launched in 2014, since then Illumina has invested in 45 different genomic startups across the world. These startups provide access to business guidance, work spaces, investment knowledge, operational laboratories and sequencing systems. Illumina, […]

Startups Laid Off Their Employees In This Economic Trench; There Is No Other Way

The COVID-19 pandemic smacks every industry in a different manner. Those businesses that depend on human interaction such as offices, transportation, retail businesses, and in-person customer service are heavily impacted by pandemic. Other businesses are on the mercy of lockdown and Quarantine. One industry that is badly affected by COVID-19 […]

Big Technology Companies Are Responding To Racial Injustice: They Never Did This For The Ferguson Protest

During the past 100 decades, racism has been a crucial trend of Western World. Living in 21th century, racial discrimination is still a dilemma for society especially in modernized states of world. Their so called updated legal codes are failed to eradicate racial discrimination. Human history is full of cases […]