Hands are the easiest way for germs to enter the human body. But if we wash our hands regularly, we can keep them away. Using clean warm water, soap, and alcohol-based sanitizer we resist the microorganisms (that can’t be seen with the naked eye). It’s not possible to keep hands 100% germs free every time. But, we can wash our hands after touching certain things so we make sure to protect ourselves, especially in Covid-19 alarming situation.

1- Money Handling 

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the money as the money move from one hand to the other, the germs also transfer along with money. The more people touch the money, the germs multiple rapidly. As discussed in the “Disease You Can Prevent By Washing Hands” E.coli, Salmonella, Covid-19 are the microorganisms that transfer from one to another and cause serious disease. So, wash your hands for 20 seconds after touching the money.

2- Traveli ng Gadgets.

If you travel from one place to another, you’ve seen so many things that you keep in touch with. You touch the screens, public handles, doors, headphones, chairs/seats, etc. People from different region travels together. The germs with them also travel and stick to the place where they put their hands or sit on the chair. After touching all the traveling gadgets make sure to wash your hands properly. In case, you don’t have water and soap. Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands quickly.

3- Doorknobs, handles, stairs

The things which are in common use and everyone touches it like doorknobs, handles, stairs grills, wash hands after touching because it contains so many microorganisms with it.

4- Switchboards.

Switchboards are rarely cleaned that’s why they have a lot of germs on them. So make sure to wash hand after touching the switchboards of your home, office, etc.

5- Mobile screen.

In the modern era of 2021. Small children to elder people everyone using a mobile phone and touch the screen many time a day. But, we don’t consider washing hands after using a mobile phone even it is very important for our health. Sadly, 90 percent of people use mobile phones and the screen that contain thousands of germs are not cleaned. We touch our mouth, eyes, nose with them. We should properly wash our hands after using mobile phones and clean our screens too.

6- Pet Animals

Animals also carry germ just like human beings. Some microorganisms don’t transfer to humans but other viruses and bacteria cause diseases if transmitted from animals. But taking a little precaution can save you and your family from sickness. We often ignore hand washing after pet our animals but it shouldn’t be ignored. Always wash your hands after touching the animals.

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