If you thought your Spotify Wrapped results were the most embarrassed your music taste could make you, think again. For the more sullen among us, there’s another option: an AI bot from The Pudding “How Bad Is Your Spotify” app that will judge us for our crimes of listening to terrible music.

The A.I. bot, created by The Pudding, is related to a meaner, less thorough yet still fun version of Spotify’s popular Wrapped function, which rounds up a person’s most played songs among other things.

If you want to be judged, visit The Pudding website. Then log in to Spotify through the web page. The A.I. promises to only scan your music, and not change anything on your account. The A.I. will ask you questions about your listening habits before it shows any results, Did you really listen to Clementine by Sarah Jaffe? (Yes) Like ironically? (No…). Users can also play a game of “f*ck marry kill” featuring artists they have listened to on Spotify, before getting a final score.

According to the website, the A.I. “knows what’s good” because it has been “trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you’ve never heard of.”

The final judgement comes in the form of a multi-hyphenated phrase, followed by a page of loose statistics.

Cover Image: The Pudding

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