Competitor Joe Biden has pulled in front of Donald Trump in Georgia, a critical state in the US presidential race, voting stats shows. Trump must win Georgia to leave him with a way to win the election.

According to the latest information, Biden is leading in the state by more than 1,000, with 99% of votes tallied. With its 16 electoral votes, winning the state would put Biden only one short of the crucial 270 thresholds required to win the elections.

If Trump doesn’t win Georgia, the most electoral votes he could get from the remaining states is 269, which would leave the competitors in an exceptional draw.

Final vote-counting is continuing in the state, and no news organization has yet said it as a Biden win. Authorities there have said they want to have a result on Friday. Georgia is a generally Republican state and has not been won by a Democrat since 1992.

Trump has posted more than 70 tweets casting doubt on mail-in voting, referencing voter fraud, or “fixed” elections since April. Yet, there is no proof the system is untrustworthy.

Electoral fraud is exceptionally uncommon in the United States – the rate is under 0.0009%, according to a recent report by the Brennan Center for Justice. There’s no proof to propose it’s been a significant issue at this election.

The president himself has cast a ballot by post previously. He lived outside the state he was enrolled in, Florida, and mentioned a postal vote. This is known as a non-attendant voting ballot, which Trump has said he is agreeable to because he trusts it has better defends.

In any case, he has made a distinction with different types of mail-in voting, for example, when states naturally convey voting ballots to every registered voter.

Oregon and Utah have done so effectively in past elections.

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