Boston Celtics legend Tommy Heinsohn died at 86 years old. He was a player, mentor, and commentator for the Team for more than 60 years and won 10 NBA Championships for the Celtics.

“This is a devastating loss. Tommy was the ultimate Celtic. For the past 18 years, our ownership group has relied hugely on Tommy’s advice and insights and have reveled in his hundreds of stories about Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, and how the Celtics became a dynasty. He will be remembered forever,” said Celtics owners in a statement.

“It’s hard to imagine the Boston Celtics without Tommy Heinsohn. There isn’t a generation of Celtics fans for whom Tommy’s presence hasn’t been felt,” the Celtics said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “He is the only person to be an active participant in each of the Celtics’ 17 World Championships, an extraordinary and singular legacy.

“We take this time to celebrate Tommy Heinsohn’s life and legacy, and to share in the sorrow of his passing with his family, friends, and fans. As long as there are the Boston Celtics, Tommy’s spirit will remain alive” Boston Celtics said on Twitter.

“R.I.P. Tom Heinsohn, NBA legend. For me, I will always think of him as the color analyst on CBS’s NBA coverage during the ’80s, but his contributions throughout his career were too many to count,” from Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

“The Bruins mourn the passing of the legendary Tommy Heinsohn. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family, friends, and the entire Celtics organization,” from the NHL’s Boston Bruins.

Many other NBA teams paid tribute to Heinsohn’s death.

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