An American venture investor, lawyer, entrepreneur, and company adviser- Chris Sacca- is the brilliant seed investor ever. His fabulous business decisions place him No. 2 on Forbes Midas List of The Top tech investors for 2017.  History shows that he invest in seeds and early-stage tech companies named Instagram, Kickstarter, Twilio, Tweeter, Uber, etc.

In 2003, Chris was hired at Google as a corporate counsel and he worked a lot with heavy promotions due to his brilliance. In his journey of Google, he was one of the google employees awarded by the Founders’ Award which is the highest honor award of the company.

While working at Google, Chris Sacca begin investing in Early-stage tech companies and also served as an advisor to various companies in various matters. In 2010, Sacca established his own Lowercase Capital. And finally, he left his traditional job at Google and step into his own empire at Silicon Valley. To date, the world knows Sacca as one of the most successful seed investor ever, and his Lowercase Capital grown into one of the most useful funds ever. Chris Sacca will always an institution for seekers, his methods, and ideologies are still regarded in the tech industry.

Here are some proficient lessons one must learn from Chris Sacca.

Invest in a company where you can provide value wholeheartedly:

In a regular 9 to 5 job, a person works for whatsoever that has been given to them; training their mind to work with whatever they have, by any means necessary. And that person follows the same methods and ideologies throughout his life. In case if you want to capitalize on any company. Other than investing money you should have a pure investment in shares, invest your time and designs in a company you can truly provide value to. This way, you can help grow the company’s prestige and honor up instead of just buying shares.

Become the best Storyteller

Chris Sacca always advises focusing on good storytelling and expressions because according to him Good storytelling beats a good spreadsheet. If you are presenting with a good idea and have confidence in yourself, people surely believe in you. Because a trusted brand sells its story, not its product.

Being unstoppable for your ambition

According to Sacca, there should be no boundary to your ambitions or goals to achieve things in life, and there is no right or wrong while coming with great ideas. You must have greater objectives for which you courage to achieve

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