Chris Naugle, the money mentor, was brought up in a middle-class family in New York. His expertise in financial Management makes him a shining star in the world. His philosophy is to get rid of financial slavery and become your own bank. Due to his exceptional financial knowledge, he had sold and bought hundreds of properties at a young age. His utmost dedication to real estate leads him to found the “Flipout Academy”. As a CEO of Academy, he addresses the people how money actually works in a real state.

The extreme talent of Financial Dealing was actually recognized when he managed over 30 Million dollars in assets while working in financial services. He was 16 of age when he achieved this paramount.

As an inspirational entrepreneur, he believes in the significance of failures for success. In a TV interview, he acknowledged that every “No” was one step away from “Yes” and every failure contributes to his phenomenal success. Money Mentor is his worldwide recognition and he accepts the profound lacking of Finance Management within the people.

He always bothers the cliché knowledge of finance working that has been taught to the people. He wants to change the perception of the audience by giving them a sense of becoming their own bank. He is much excited about his Book “ Mapping out of the Millionaire Mystery” publication. The book gives a broad perception to the audience of how money works and what financial freedom meant to be.

Currently, he is doing HGTV show “Risky Builders” with his wife Lorrisa. His success story and unique thinking is the center of attraction for the whole world. Also, he never backs down on empowering people by spreading awareness of Finance Management.

After having so much success even, he still used to think about its goals and strategies. He knows the importance of mindset in order to achieve goals. Chris Naugle story not only inspires in terms of money-making but also to break stereotypes to achieve dreams

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I am a social worker for past 2 years and been working with different organizations to make things happen. This not only groomed my personality but also make me a good thinker of disruption and diagonal success factor this is how entrepreneurship blooms in me. I hope you would like my content.

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