Microsoft is releasing a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based noise suppression tool in its video conferencing app Teams. An upgraded AI-based noise suppression feature for Teams that the company says will be even better than the current algorithm at removing unwanted background noise. 

As lots of people work from home and at some time have no control over unwanted sounds in the background. Microsoft has been working hard on improving the experience with Teams, and the company not only upgraded the underlying infrastructure, but it also added new capabilities.

In an official roadmap, Microsoft said that the new real-time noise suppression algorithm will automatically remove unwanted noise during meetings, thereby enhancing call-quality.

Microsoft said: “AI-based noise suppression works by analyzing an individual’s audio feed and using specially trained deep neural networks to filter out the noise and retain only the speech signal. This is an update to the existing noise suppression. Users will now have control over how much noise suppression they want. The “High” setting is new and will suppress more background noise”.

Microsoft says that the new feature will start rolling out to Microsoft Teams users in November 2020, however, there is no exact date for that just yet. 

According to the official post, it would be available for all desktop users, but it is not clear whether it will also be released to the Android and iOS clients.

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