A blast at a spiritual seminary within the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday killed a minimum of seven people, including children, and wounded dozens, police and hospital officials said.

“Unknown people planted explosives during a bag,” said a policeman within the northwestern city who declined to be identified as he’s not authorized to talk to media.

Peshawar, near the border with Afghanistan, has long been suffering from Islamist violence.

“[Students] were reading the Quran here, that’s when the explosion occurred,” Peshawar captain Muhammad Ali Khan told reporters near the scene.

“The initial investigation shows […] that five to 6 kilograms [11-13 pounds] of explosive material was used [and] that somebody came here and left a bag of explosives.”

Though the number of incidents within the city, and in Pakistan generally, had fallen over recent years, there has been a rise this year in attacks on the safety forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, of which Peshawar is that the capital.

The provincial police’s bomb disposal unit chief Shafqat Malik said the device was sophisticated in design and involved a timed detonation.

“The forensic evidence that we’ve picked up, shows that it had been about 5kg [11 pounds] of explosives and it had been a timed device,” said Shafqat Malik.

“It seems to be a high-quality device, which appears to use TNT. There have been tons of injury, and this [attack] has been planned with great thought.” A spokesman for the city’s Lady Reading Hospital said it had received seven dead and 70 wounded, many with burns.

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