Naresh Tinani is a perfusionist at a hospital in the capital of Saskatchewan. He controls patient blood levels, heartbeat, and body temperature while cardiac surgeries and intensive supervision.

Tinani has furthermore lived on the other side of the system. Such as, when his wife gave premature birth to his twin daughters, they got an infection. Additionally, his 78-year-old mother has knee arthritis and she waits for months for surgery in the coronavirus epidemic. During such stressful moments, he felt extremely proud of his nation’s health care system. This system is a cornerstone of Canada’s national identity. He felt proud because, during those times of crisis, the Canadian health care system took care and supervision of his family without any extra cost and reduced his list of troubles.

The Canadian Health Care System Inspires America

On the other hand, some Americans appreciate the Canadian health care system as well. Prior to the coronavirus epidemic hit the U.S, about 42 percent of Americans assumed that their health care system rates average. Approximately 49 percent of Americans said that the Canadian health care system was better than their own system. People in developed nations, for example, Americans have to pay more for their health care while staying ill and before dying.

Establishment of the Canadian Health Care System

The Canadian health system was invented in a time of financial crisis. In 1944, people felt that the health care system was not working and they wanted to begin something different. In 1962 ultimately the program became popular enough after the struggle that it caught other nation’s attention. Those Canadian efforts circulated nationwide and finally established the Canadian health care system a Medicare by Canada health Act in 1984.

Canadians do not commonly think about medical default. If they strike by a bus and receive hospital care they are billed nothing. A patient advocate Carolyn Canfield resides in British Columbia. He had life-threatening cancer, but the operation was really expensive in the U.S. Then she migrated to Canada. She met a doctor who suggested her for testing. The biopsy indicated a malignant development, and her doctor recommended her to saw a specialist. The doctor never charged her. She said that she received a $0 bill. 

Canadians are Proud of its Health Care System

No one system is perfect. This Canadian health care system has flaws as well. They tried to build “a head to toe health care system.” Canadians feel proud of what they have as compared to their neighboring countries. Flood said, “As Canadians, we do not force the system to get better because we are constantly relieved that at least it is not the American system”.

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