Top U.S health officials have warned that in order to control the coronavirus this fall, U.S needs to start with vigilant plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day and the Pandemic Concerns

“Labor Day calls for a strong emphasis on personal responsibilities to stay protected. The lack of personal responsibility can cause risk for so many lives, hence it is intolerable. In order to nip the COVID out of its root, it is essential to go into the fall with decreasing cases. Now, COVID-19 cases are going down 38% with 37% down in new hospitalizations all around the country. The cases were at peak till late July. The U.S has undoubtedly taken a number of steps as a struggle to control the pandemic when cases ripped in June and July. All those cases arose shortly after Memorial Day in May and then they continued climbing. Today, the nation is controlling this ailment by acting upon the national strategy. Since, the state has issued mandates related to face coverings, adapting social distancing, testing, and contact tracing. By following those mandates, the country has proved its national strategy successful,” stated by Giroir, assistant secretary for health.

Pandemic Is Corroding Certain States

Although, new cases are declining on a daily basis in states like California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. These are the states which faced severe outbreak during the entire summer. Yet, cases have begun to increase in the Midwest and rural side of the country now. Due to an increase in the number of infected people over there, it seems like America’s heartland is at risk as instead declining down, cases are magnifying.

Precautions for Labor Day

The need of the hour is to continue the journey towards declination of cases. In this regard, no one can now welcome a third wave in the heartland right away. In this scenario, the Labor Day weekend holiday will decide whether the U.S is able to achieve a “running start” during this fall summers or not. According to Giroir, if the nation acted upon the advice and mandates during the holiday then it is nearly possible to be in good shape going into the fall.

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