16 workers in southwest China were killed after they got caught in a trap underground in a coal mine and exposed to dangerous degrees of carbon monoxide, Chinese state media said.

There were 17 individuals inside the Songzao coal mine in the Chinese city of Chongqing at the hour of the incident, as indicated by the state-run CGTN telecaster. Just a single individual was pulled out alive by rescuers and he is in serious condition in hospital, CGTN detailed.

The incident occurred around 12:30 am on Sunday when a transport line at the Songzao Coal Mine in Chongqing burst into flames, creating unnecessary degrees of carbon monoxide and catching 17 miners underground.

The authorities didn’t give the convergence of the noxious gas nor explain how the 17 individuals were trapped.

As per Chinese guidelines, the concentration of carbon monoxide underground should not surpass 0.0024%.

The administration is owned by the energy company organization Chongqing Energy. The administrator of the Songzao coal mine was recently fined and cautioned of a security violation on the site.

Mining accidents are common in China. In 2017 there were 219 coal mining accidents altogether, as per official stats, killing 375 people.  In 2018, the loss of life from coal mine accidents remained at 333.

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