Sony Corp. has cut its estimated PlayStation 5 production by 4 million units and now expects to manufacture about 11 million units by the end of March, following production issues with its custom-designed system-on-chip for the new console, according to Bloomberg report

Bloomberg had earlier reported that Sony Corp. planned to increase production to around 10 million units by the end of December. However, now states that the company has run into manufacturing problems.

The PS5’s custom-designed system-on-chip, its core processing component designed with AMD, is said to be a critical issue with yields as low as 50% at one point, indicating that half the parts produced weren’t fit to ship. 

While that figure has been improving, according to Bloomberg, the yields are “yet to reach a stable level.” The improved figure is still well. What Sony said to have been originally planning for the PS5 launch. 

As of this April, Sony was reportedly expecting to produce five to six million consoles by the end of March, which would have been fewer than it made for the PS4 launch in 2013. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, caused the company to distinctly increase its forecasts as the gaming industry boomed in popularity.

Sony is organizing an online PS5 event on Wednesday where it is expected to reveal the final price and release date for the console. PS5 comes in two variants:

  • One with a disc drive 
  • Other without a disc drive

Till that pricing information is confirmed, it’ll be hard to consider on whether Sony will have enough supply to meet demand.

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