It is an undeniable fact that weight loss improves various health concerns. It includes lowering the risk of heart attack, improvement of metabolism, lowering of blood pressure, and many more of such concerns. However, scientists now recommend that adapting a healthier attitude, consuming nutritious foods, and exercising may also help in reducing the chances of certain types of cancer.

Weight Loss Reduces the Risk of Obesity-Related Cancer

According to a recent study, weight loss significantly reduces the risk of obesity-related cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, these cancers include the colon, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, liver, breast, thyroid, and more.

A study related to examine this fact was conducted on 4,859 adults of age 45 and 76. They had never got cancer before. It was followed by their struggle of losing weight over 11 years. There were two weight loss plans that were randomly assigned to each study participant.

Intensive Lifestyle Intervention VS Diabetes Support and Education

One of the plans, known as Intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) found to reduce the number of daily calories for the participant. It contained meal replacement products and caused them to amplify their exercise to almost 175 minutes a week. The other plan was known as Diabetes Support and Education. It was comprised of three support group meetings related to diet, exercise, and encouragement a year for three years. Meetings were established once per year after that.

Results of the Research

Right after 11 years of follow-up, researchers diagnosed almost 14% of the participants with cancer. People who followed the DSE diet plan had more chances to acquire cancer as compared to those who followed the ILI diet plan. Those following the ILI plan observed a 16% reduction of obesity-related cancer.


Health care providers should spread awareness about the harmful impacts of obesity among their patients. They must encourage people to manage their weight to prevent any cancerous ailment. Furthermore, both government and the public should contribute equally to develop an environment that could easily provide healthy food and physical activities. In this way, it will be easy for any nation to cater to such health-related serious issues.

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