Recently, there has published a study in the sleep journal. The research team inspected daily diary entries from 150 college students, who followed their sleep, daily stressors, and anger over one month. The study was conducted under the supervision of a Professor at Iowa State University in the US.

Research Motif

The research was directed to evaluate the anger and stress of those people who have sleep limitations. It was designed for people who feel angry and stressed. The results of the study suggested that sleep privation might be the reason for such happenings.

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The research also included a lab experiment that carried 147 community residents. Participants were randomly assigned to maintain their regular sleep schedule at home by four to five hours across two nights. The research team noted individuals describe they undergo more anger on days following less sleep than usual. They provide strong causal verification that sleep reduction increases anger and increases frustration over time.

Moreover, the young adults reported more anger in the afternoon on days they sleep less. Such sleep deprivation effects expressions of their everyday life.

Noise Effect on Sleep

Anger was assessed during disclosure to irritating noise, the researchers said. The experiment found that individuals who slept well adapted to noise and reported less anger after two days.

By comparison, sleep-restricted individuals reveal higher anger in response to unpleasant noise.


As per the study, intuitive sleepiness accounted for most of the fact-finding effect of sleep loss on anger. These results provide captivating evidence that sleep loss intensifies anger in both the laboratory and everyday life.

Cover Photo by Ivan Oboleninov

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