Pullman Campus has called a mobile unit for conducting COVID-19 testing. It will be operated by Range Health. Range Health is a nonprofit academic health care network represented by the upper body of colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Mobile testing of COVID-19 will begin this week for the students who stayed in contact with COVID-19 infected people. It will also serve those students who are carrying any symptoms of this contagious ailment. This service is regarded as a noble role of the University to expand the testing capacity.

Schedule of Mobile Testing Unit

Since the number of infected people is still rising, hence this mobile unit will stay for three days after arriving on 2nd September 2020. This diagnostic testing will take place between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. till Friday. According to the WSU officials, this unit will be accommodating 80 patients per day. The set-up will be placed in the Greek Row area beside the President’s house at 755 NE Campus St.

The Mission of the Mobile Health Care Unit

The presence of the mobile health care unit in Pullman indicates WSU’s capacity to work as an effective network that facilitates the resources of all of its campuses and extension offices. Such a set-up shows the deviation from the traditional model. Now it will be providing health services to rural and underserved communities by responding to their health needs. However, students will be required to have their health insurance information upon visiting. Alongside it, follow-up with state and local health mandates like physical distancing and covering faces will be mandatory. The same rules are applicable to the general public to benefit themselves from the mobile health care unit.

Duration of Mobile Testing Unit

Volunteers will be continuously guiding and answering the concerns, collecting samples of the visitors during these three days. This mobile unit is called to facilitate the public until the establishment of a fixed testing site at Pullman. Cougar Health Services will operate that fixed testing site that will be functional after Labor Day weekend. Furthermore, The Washington National Guard is also making strategies to enhance the capacity of testing in Pullman right after Labor Day.

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