In the wake of a pandemic, it is not easy to spread the rainbow of different colors in different ways. But four female photographers have done this miracle by flexing their creative muscles in modish ways. These four females are Jackie Nickerson, Zoe Ghertner, Collier Shorr, and Bibi Borthwick. These ladies chose the task of capturing images not only of clothing but the relevant accessories from their homes and surroundings. They collected the beautiful images which went viral from their stories.

Montage of Pictures

Ghertner presented her self-portrait in a felted cashmere Jonathan Cohen coat. That picture was captured at a recently opened beach and it displayed the act of creation of governing the assets. The images shown by Schorr were placed against a Brooklyn vista and her pal needed a haircut and color ahead of the shoot. Making this montage is just similar to complete a colorful puzzle with different hands.

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Well hello, this is what I’ve been up to-swimming (and taking pictures). This was back in May, Camilla asked me to shoot a few items for Vogue. The beaches had just opened after the lockdown, and the water was warm. This moment feels so long ago. The world has changed again since then. Here I was finding connection to my environment, my family, my body. And now focusing my energies away from inner reflection and onto human rights. Fighting for Black Lives Matter, l will no longer stay silent in the conversation when I hold a position of privilege, as I’ve done so in the past, I will stay quiet when I have something to observe and learn from others. Since this picture I’ve stepped out of my bubble, I hope you all have too

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Pandemic Introduced Variations for Life

Although, the pandemic is giving a tough time from so many aspects, yet on the other way it is giving a chance to flourish the creative skills as well. Different restrictions like social distancing and wearing masks are introducing new concepts to move in society. But it is to accept that these new measures are making us see things differently, think creatively, and execute innovatively.

Pandemic and the Fashion Industry

In the fashion arena, several designers have quickly responded to the physical, emotional, and financial downstream by adapting ways out of the box. Different brands including Brother Vellies have introduced lockdown-friendly articles. These include plush socks and certain DIY kits. These items help customers to utilize their free time in crafting something elegant and unique. Most of the designers also have used deadstock fabrics for adding style to face masks and patchwork. Hence, this summer is best to enjoy the creative designs of a range of useful articles.

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