During the annual Ignite Conference, Microsoft announced Azure Communication Services (ACS), a fully-managed communication platform. Microsoft has revealed Azure Communication Services, a new platform that will enable developers to add video and voice communications, instant chat, and SMS features to mobile, desktop, and web apps through developer-friendly APIs and SDKs. 

Furthermore, it also allows developers to tap into other Azure services, such as Azure Cognitive Services for translation, sentiment analysis, and more. 

Note that all communications between ACS, apps, and websites are being encrypted to meet privacy and compliance needs, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Source: Microsoft

ACS guarantees to advance customer engagement and provide next-generation customer support functions. This secure network has proven reliability, is GDPR-friendly, boasts low-latency, and automatically scales depending on demand. 

Developers can access ACS through REST APIs through the language of their choice and all APIs will need an access token, which is generated by ACS. Besides leveraging the REST APIs, developers opt to use one of the SDKs – available in .NET Core, JavaScript, Java, and Python. 

Moreover, there are client SDKs for both iOS and Android. The client libraries that underpin the SDKs are a mix of open and closed source – the open versions are available on GitHub.

Developers can try out the ACS APIs for voice, video, and chat through samples provided in GitHub. APIs and SDKs for SMS and telephone support will follow in October. Finally, documentation and guidance are available on the landing page.

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