Research declares that honey is a powerful agent for treating upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) as compared to any other traditional remedy. Although one can rely on a mixture of warm lemon water and honey to treat sore throats. Yet, honey alone can perform a remarkable function by suppressing cough.

Effectiveness of Honey

Three researchers have recently conducted research to validate the effectiveness of honey in treating upper respiratory tract infections. The results of their research are composed of several clinical trials that they performed upon a number of patients. It majorly involved testing treatments for URTIs and they found the following results:-

·        Honey is more impactful to cure URTI symptoms instead of alternative care procedures

·        Honey particularly controls cough frequency and cough severity

While analyzing the data from all the results of tests, researchers carried out the trials on other remedies of treating cough. These experiments included over-the-counter-cold and sinus medicines including antibiotics and honey.

Should We Rely on Honey?

There are ample shreds of evidence that show the effectiveness of honey. It can be widely used in treating colds in general and coughs in particular. There are people who have been relying on it as a therapy for centuries. According to the Telegraph, scientists believe that honey is a complex substance and is not uniform in nature. Furthermore, it is a highly viscous fluid that tends to flow in the body a bit slower than any other less-viscous supplement. That’s the reason there is a need to do extensive studies to draw out a final conclusion.


The naturally occurring honey is a useful agent as it has proved its effectiveness in a number of ways. The researchers now believe that it can cure respiratory illness in an efficient manner, which makes it reliable to use. However, one must consult one’s physician prior to consuming it as a remedy to treat cough.

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