Many social media users wrote complaints about the result on Sep 22nd, which comes after they ask ‘Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?’ on their phones.

It does not take too long for stories to go viral as people instantly form long threads of discussions.

Many Twitter users have shared their confusion after they asked Apple’s virtual assistant a particular question.‘Hey SIRI, Where Are The Terrorists?’ and received unexpected results.

Multiple people have claimed that when they asked ‘Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?’, the assistant recommended local police stations.

Twitter users have shared videos where they tested the question and many of them claimed that they received similar results.

Ryan Fournier, an American commentator, reported about the issue on Twitter.

News anchor David Wade claimed that he received the same result, and tweeted: “Well, this is crazy. Ask Siri “Where are the terrorists?” and a list of local police stations come up. I just tried it after a police officer friend told me. What will @Apple say?”

Apple hasn’t addressed the issue or come forward with a statement at the time of publication.

Many social media users have demanded an explanation from the company and have reported the issue on Twitter.

Several videos were posted on Twitter where users claimed Siri came up with a list of local police stations when they asked the question.

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