Professional Bios are as important as Professional Portfolios. It is a common observation that many business owners add the things into their bios that are equitant to sleeping pills. Most of the introduction includes name and professional history that is quite orthodox and boring. For instance, a LinkedIn profile is a very professional portfolio that includes your personal and professional information & achievements.

I agree that humor look at your portfolio is trivial and unprofessional but it does not mean Fun Facts is unimportant. Next time when you updated your LinkedIn profile, you must add a separate section of “Fun Facts you did not know about me”. It will add some spice to your profile.

Here are some ideas to get you started


I believe that we are made for something, and we find those signs throughout every age of your lifespan. Likewise, childhood is also prepared you for your job today. A child’s interests become his career one day.  So try to relate your today’s career with your childhood instances and must write how your childhood prepare you for your job today?

Dream Occupation

You are supposed to write your dream occupation because the place where you stand today is a result of your dream and hard work. And if you are not doing your dream work, then how you switch your dream occupation?

What did you do with your first salary?

Add some fun facts about your first salary, either you save it to buy an iPhone or a car?

Your hidden talent

Hidden talent is something that makes you interesting as a person. If you have any, must introduce them to the public.

Experiences & Lessons you learn

Do you know what makes you invulnerable? No wealth, no success will work for you, only bad experiences and their lessons make you invulnerable. Hint to those lessons and experiences.

What is on your bucket list?

Try to share some interesting aspirations you wanted to accomplish in the future. Places you wanted to visit. Things you desperately waiting to buy.

A good Professional portfolio increases your professional credibility, likewise, your Fun facts add value to it. It is helpful to make a loyal connection with your customers and partners.

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