A huge fire has broken out at Lebanon’s main port this Thursday, created more panic among citizens by last month’s massive blast, which killed 200 injured thousands of people.

The reason for the fire was not clear, however, the Lebanese army said in an explanation that it started at a warehouse where oil and tires are kept in the port’s duty-free market.

Officials said nobody had been harmed in Thursday’s fire albeit some endured shortness of breath.

Panicked residents aired out windows and called each other to the caution of the new fire. Local TV stations said the organizations that had workplaces close to the port had requested that their employees leave the area. Lebanese troops shut down the primary street that goes close to the port, referring traffic to other areas.

A source in the Supreme Defense Council said the port chief told the committee in a report the fire was brought about by fix welding work. Flashes fell on warehouses storing highly flammable items, including food things held thereby help organizations, the source stated, including that the military police would investigate.

The panic was compounded by the fear that more chemicals could be in the wreckage of the port. Earlier this month, the army said it discovered more than 4 tons of ammonium nitrate in four containers stored near the port that it said were “dealt with.”

French and Italian chemical experts working amid the remains of the port identified more than 20 containers of dangerous chemicals. The army later said these containers were moved and stored safely away from the port.

Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud and authorities urged people to stay away from roads leading to the port to allow firefighters to move quickly.

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