washing. Some researchers noted that bug killer sprays kill the COVID-19 virus effectively.

What these Sprays Contain?

Citriodiol, obtain from lemon eucalyptus that sprays suppressing Citriodiol, which has been made accessible to MOD units grab in the COVID-19 response, can kill the virus. In some investigations, it killed the bug entirely. Citriodiol is ground in Mosi-guard Natural, which price around £7 for a 75ml bottle.

The scientists warn out, they have no data relating the application applied experimentally to rub application of Mosi-guard on human skin. The DSTL has publicized its findings to help others conduct further research. Britain’s armed forces proceeded with the spray earlier this year because it was earlier known to kill other coronaviruses. Some soldiers said the spray is not sufficient for this virus’s safety.


Although sprays play an important role to kill the viruses, the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory said more tests are needed to speckle the ideal concentration of these sprays for use. Initial findings are being shared and further research is needed to confirm and expand the findings.

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