Let me explain it to you in simple words, there is time in everyone’s life when we don’t realize what is the purpose of our life or toward where are we taking our career. Sometimes we go blind don’t knowing what we should do because of extra tension and confusion regarding the certain matter or thinking about our future. Don’t get panic everyone has to go through it you should relax your mind at first knowing everything will be fine we should prepare our mind for every type of situation. Let me give you an example of Giovanna Silvestre, she is a travel blogger, she is also the founder of a yoga wear company that aims to bridge the gap between spirit and apparel, Confused Girl in the City. As for why the yoga company is named “Confused Girl,” she shared that it’s “in regards to accepting yourself just as you are at this moment. When we are feeling stuck and confused, we shame ourselves instead of accepting ourselves. This acceptance will lead you to your TRUE NATURE.”

She is also about to launch a book she has given a small look at her upcoming book, “Seven Things Every Confused Girl Should Do,” this book is based on his life experience and from the struggling hardships of his life, with tidbits of advice for anyone who is feeling confused about their lives.

Accept your confusion

Why not..? Practicing this type of radical acceptance is easier said than done. Its human nature to see the world black and white. It’s how our subconscious is rigged. We want everything already cooked and easy, so accepting confusion is like trying to hold a cloud in the palm of your hand.

Silvestre says that

“I tell women who are feeling confused, ‘Turn on some music and get your happy dance on because this is a very exciting time in your life. You are about to have a breakthrough that will change the course of your path,’”

Keeping this is knowing besides of encouragement of knowing that confusion coming up can handle it can a virtue. What if you will come to know the confusion you are going through is to groom you isn’t it’s a blessing for you to see the world with another perspective to bring about a breakthrough, to set us on the path of our true nature?

Stop comparing yourself with others

A major point to keeping in mind is to focus on yourself if you want to come out of confusion, you can’t do it properly if you keep of focusing what others are doing even if they are going better then you let it be which is the real betel with your self and can be difficult at some level.

Moving forward, comparing your self can be dangerous because, when we start to measure our value against the perceived value of someone else, there is a strong tendency to devalue ourselves.” When we do devalue ourselves, it’s hard to see all that we can bring to the table. So, gently guide your focus back onto yourself when the need to compare comes up.

My basic point of focus is that you are amazing in your way so do others are so it is useless to compare yourself with someone who is stabilizing the confusion time from which you are going through now. At one other point, Sylvester’s encouragingly says that

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean. They both are Mother Nature’s beautiful creation and cannot be devalued with comparisons. Yet they are so different in their physical characteristics that trying to compare the two makes no logical sense at all,”

Search for your creativity

Silvestre says that “For the longest time in my early adult life, I thought I wasn’t creative because I didn’t see myself as ‘artistic’ in the conventional sense. This was even though I was a very creative child. I wrote poetry, danced, designed clothing, and acted—even if I did all of those things for myself, out of my sheer passion for doing them. However, the more my school enforced left-brain tasks, my right brain shut down,”

We all are creative in our way we just have to search for artists hidden in us at another point Silvestre says that “But in fact, it is our unique creativity that defines our greatness and talent, and the real reason why all those comparisons to others are so logically absurd. I encourage women to give themselves the gift of creativity; to break away from their limiting belief barriers to explore what brings you the most joy and discover the passion that almost makes you feel alive. And most importantly, to share that joy with the world,” By keeping in mind the above-discussed conversation believing in our self by stop comparing our self and by fining out our plus point we can fight every type of confusion of our life Whether you’re in pursuit of this clarity for your calling or your next career steps, the answers are likely found by looking within and embracing the unique creativity and value that you have to give. Just give your best and leave it on your God. Indeed God helps those who help for there own.

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