The famous jeweler Wilfredo Rosado realized that it is not easy to change the mindset of people while introducing something unique and different. He realized this fact when he set out to release his modish contemporary fine jewelry line. During that journey, he discovered that any change does not involve only a single village but the entire global village.

W.Rosado “Pearl ID’’

Rosado who is renowned for his spectacular high jewelry was relying on Australian South Sea pearls to initiate his first project for W.Rosado “Pearl ID”. He decided to ingeniously carve each stone to design a letter or a symbol drenched in gold or diamonds. Rosado took this inspiration from the kids who used to gather the white beads to spell out the names of their friends. He states that he used to feel nostalgic while seeing them and then he thought to bring the same idea to modify his jewelry collection.

The dream took ages to get into Reality

According to Wilfredo Rosado, the implementation of his dream was not as easy as it seemed to be. It took him ages to find out the people who could crave the pearls. In order to seek them out, Rosado roamed around the world. Finally, after striving hard he found out master cutters in a small town of Germany. Those people were habitual of doing such activities for decades. But they had never worked with the pearls.

There, Rosado encouraged them to learn a steep learning curve. His vision wanted them to learn the mechanism of new machines to fabricate his desired designs. Being a New-York person, he knew how to welcome and accept the challenges. So he did accomplish the dreams.

Phases of this Incredible Journey

This journey of making necklaces with pearls consists of a series of steps. Rosado used to have pearls inlaid with a letter or a symbol in Germany. Then he transfers them to Italy for crafting in the required manner. The finished crafted pearls are then returned to Valenza, where Rosado’s goldsmiths convert them into delightful jewelry.

Versatility in Design

At Valenza, these pearls are designed in a number of different attractive ways. Sometimes, they are incorporated as a single letter and sometimes they tend to make a concise but complete statement delivering a particular meaning. Some of the brooch designs say ‘Hello’ while some heart-shaped made up of five pearls speak ‘Amore’. Besides necklaces, there is a diamond marijuana leaf- ring which complements the wearer through its exquisite look.

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