Lithium is a natural element that is available in a variety of vegetables, grains, spices, and drinking water. Virtually it is present in rocks in trace amount. However, due to extensive weather activities, it is pushed to soils, ground, and static water which ultimately mixes it into public water stations. It is good to know that, a high amount of trace element “Lithium” in drinking water contains an anti-suicidal effect and is capable of enhancing the mental health of the community.

Peculiar Properties of Lithium

Scientists have recently found an interesting fact about public water. They found that traces of naturally occurring lithium in water may reduce suicidal tendencies. In this way drinking, plenty of water can bring down the current level of suicides. Along with bringing a decline in suicidal aptitude, it also raises the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Lithium- The Magic Ion

The ‘Magic Ion’, Lithium is extensively used as a medication to treat and prevent manic and depressive events by stabilizing mood in people with mood disorders. Lithium is anti-aggressive in nature and on the behalf of this feature it plays several important roles in the body. These functions include reduction of impulsivity, aggression, violent criminal behavior, and chronic substance abuse. Due to this peculiar nature of lithium, it is found to reduce the risk of suicides in people with unstable moods.

Research Findings

Research has found that geographical areas around the world possessing lithium in public drinking reservoirs have the least suicidal rates. Health benefits and unbeatable strength of naturally present lithium in water have been known for a long time. Lethia Springs is well known for delivering a healthy life because of the presence of lithium. It is regarded as a fact that 7-Up contained lithium during its initial life.

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