As COVID 19 has proved as a pandemic, hence people are compelled to take precautions. These measures mainly include wearing masks, practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using sanitizers to prevent the virus from spreading further. Since then, most people are now following precautions and they have started washing their hands frequently and using alcohol-based sanitizers.

However, in a recent interview, Dr. RK Verma, who is from Ministery of Health, said that people should not use hand sanitizers too much as too much of it kills the good bacteria that helps to keep the skin healthy. He also suggested that washing hands with soap and water is a better option to keep hands clean.

Drawbacks of Frequent Hand Washing

Excessive use of sanitizers and frequent hand washing removes natural oils from the skin, which makes the skin hard and leaves scars on it. This causes cracks in the skin that allow viruses and bacteria to enter the body easily. Therefore, proper hand hygiene maintenance is a priority. Here are some tips to help you get rid of skin dryness and cracking of your hands.

Choose the right soap

Washing hands with antibacterial components or using alcohol-based sanitizers can cause itching and dryness of the skin. So you should use mild and odor-free soaps that lack alkaline. Moreover, use a limited amount of soap that can cover your entire hand. More soap does not clean better. Reduce the use of sanitizers at home and prefer handwashing with soap and water.

Use lukewarm water

Prolonged use of hot or cold water can make your skin even drier. Try using lukewarm water to wash your hands. Also, after washing your hands, do not dry your hands by rubbing them with a towel, but just pat them to dry. Do not use hand dryers to dry your hands as dry air will worsen the condition of the skin of your hands.

Use hand cream instead of lotion

Do not dry your hands completely as soon as you wash them. Apply a hand cream that is thicker than lotion. The cream will seal the water so that water does not enter the skin. Apply a good amount of cream on your palms, between the fingers, on the back of the hands, and on the wrists and then rub well.

Use gloves

Gloves should usually be worn while doing household chores. You can use utility gloves when washing dishes and clothes as the cleaning agents contain certain chemicals that can damage your skin. You can also use plastic gloves. Don’t forget to wash them well so they can be reused.

The night-time care

As our hands are busy all day with some work, we should give them a good night’s sleep. You can apply coconut oil on your hands before going to bed as it not only provides nourishment but also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. If this oil is not present at your home, you can also apply aloe vera gel and Vaseline before going to bed.

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