COVID-19 is affecting people in different ways all around the world. Most infected people generally show mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. However, the virus stays for a specific time in a country.

Here we see how COVID-19 is affecting different regions throughout the globe.


40% Briton spent their waking day time watching TV and online videos at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in April. Coronavirus extent reported its highest single-day increase in infections in weeks. Nightclubs and music venues should not allow reopening during a recent increase in cases.


America has exceeded Europe on Tuesday by becoming a state with the highest coronavirus death toll worldwide. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s Cabinet has accessed positive for the new coronavirus. U.S dropping from coronavirus-linked fraud and robbery has reached nearly $100 million since the pandemic turn up in March, while protest of COVID-19 ramp has at least doubled in most states.


Australia’s second most crowded state of Victoria reported its deadliest day of the coronavirus. While the Queensland state closes its border with New South Wales to save the second wave of COVID. South Korean agents are working to keep a thousand people replace by flooding safe and healthy with anti-coronavirus.

Sri Lankans election has been delayed twice this year because of the coronavirus outbreak, it goes to polls on Wednesday to elect a new parliament.

The Middle East and Africa

The people who have died from the virus in Yemen has reached 500, stated by Reuters tally, although other organizations say the death toll is possibly much higher.

Developments in Medicine

National Institutes of Health declared it would launch two trials to evaluate antibody COVID-19 drugs.  Also, follow these up with trials for other experimental therapies with positive patients.

An experimental COVID-19 vaccine manufactures developed antibodies against the coronavirus and it appears to be safe, after using in the clinical trial.

Economic Upshot

Gold scaled a new high as a weaker dollar and falling bond yields furbish, while mostly shares lost their worth as investors resisted at the ballooning cost of the coronavirus pandemic.  Growth in China’s services sector slowed in July, as an industry survey showed new export business fell and job losses continued.  Japan’s services sector contracted for a sixth straight month in July, they revealed economic activity remained under pressure.

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