People spend their whole life at the same place because leaving the comfort zone and adapting to new circumstances is not easy. If you have not courage enough to leave your cozy lifestyle, you will not be able to challenge cliché models around you. There is always a quest of following a dream that initiates the road to success. One must have the ability to take a challenge and walk alone.

The life story of an Italian entrepreneur and professional salesman- Francesco Rivera, shows that passion and dedication are the two rules of success in the old book. The passion for Web and online marketing is always into his head and at the age of 20, he finally decides to take a challenge to do something with the internet and online business. After 5 years, he managed to make a renowned career in E-commerce and online marketing.

Rivera is already an accounting graduate along with extensive know-how of online trading, he spends more time getting doctrine knowledge about this tool. The whole struggle is fruitful in a way that he can develop a marketing agency- Tesoro Communication. This agency engrossed content development and social management.

In the beginning, there are only a few clients who trust in this agency. But beginnings are always tough. Later on, the company introduced itself as GIFKING, recognized as the first Instagram’s customer GIFs in the European Market.

To date, the company has produced more than 3,000 animated gifs in one year. Companies, events, influencers, artists, public figures have requested his services. Among the most prominent are Philipp Plein, 6ix9ine, Stefano Gabbana, Willy William, Philippe Model, Radio Italia, Laura Pausini, Vasco Rossi, Italian singers, and rappers, among others.

Francesco Rivera has a lot of conventional options for marketing. However, his interest in technology leads him to Web marketing processes. Challenging conventional business models on one hand and approaching a non-traditional career on others is a huge and risky step for him. But his passion for doing something diverse and his consistency make this possible.

According to Rivera, Overcoming the fear of failure will allow you to see a path more clearly towards the top. He shared his perspective about things as “Usually, you will only be criticized by people who do not have the willpower and the thinking that you have. Keep in mind that to succeed you have to make mistakes, make mistakes all the time, and craft a performance-based life routine.”

Life goes on, Rivera still indulges in learning new things in life. According to him, he believes that there is always something new to learn to achieve our goals.

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