To identify the opportunities in the time of crises is what differentiates the exceptional people from ordinary ones. Entrepreneurs usually encoded with a sense of opportunity recognition. The Entrepreneurial world is getting adorned by Young and smart Entrepreneurs. They are compelling the world to acknowledge the Youth capability and strategy for Business Setup.

Harley Cannard and Cory Hill, Co-founders of the company Amz Automation Australia, have set the same example of Young people’s expertise in flourishing the brand and business. Being energetic innovators in the digital environment, they are offering branding to luxury hotels, world travel agencies, public figures, and celebrities.

As COVID-19 has smashed the economy in a great run. These two young Entrepreneurs are utilizing their E-Commerce Expertise to revive the Tourism and hospitality industry of Australia.

Challenging Journey:

There is no easy way or short cut to success. Opportunities never drop as the leaves from the trees but one has to search them.

As far as the Entrepreneurial Journey of Hill is concerned, He had to give up on his job to lead a business. The situation wasn’t favorable but he managed to face it with self-determination.

Cannard was a lemonade seller at the age of 5. He was financially unstable but didn’t lose hope and always looked for opportunities.

Their Experiences made them exceptional in the E-Commerce Industry. In just 12 months, they expanded their business to a global level. By running a digital platform with different brand experts, they are achieving their goals day and night.

Team significance:

Hill and Cannard believe in great teamwork. It is entirely impossible to achieve much without a vibrant team. To work with the people of the same mentality and common innovative approach is truly phenomenal. To learn from each other and excel together is what they both believe about their success.

Strive the Adversity:

Innovation and creativity grow in every situation whether the Adversity or the expedient environment. But the urgent innovation at the time of crises brings further achievement. COVID-19 urges these two Young Entrepreneurs to focus more on the sudden plans and adaptability. They have engaged more people from remote areas to grow and excel in their business setup.

Cover Photo Credit: Harley Cannard/instagram

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