Every season there appears a new trend of dresses in the market. Back in 2017, an off-the-shoulder chambray mini-dress by Zara embellished the market. In 2019, a polka-dot dress by Zara owned the entire market due to its exalted features. Both of these dresses had affordable price tags and an attractive design to be known as “The Dress”.

“The Dress” of the Pandemic

The pandemic declined business activities all around the world. In the wake of the crises, it seemed that 2020 would not produce any fabulous dress. Because everyone in the pandemic is forced to stay at home, putting on masks, wearing sweatpants, and lying in front of the laptops. However, all these myths were suppressed on the arrival of “The Strawberry Dress”. It has taken over its dominancy on all social media sites through its vibrant look and appearance.

Features of “The Strawberry Dress”

Lirika Matoshi has designed this all-rounder dress which has occupied Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. It is made up of pink tulle and is embellished with red sequin strawberries. It has a deep V-neckline, ruffles along the calf-length hem, and a cinched waist. It is a kind of dress that is available in all sizes and can be worn by a toddler to a model. Despite being expensive, due to these matchless traits, this dress has become pretty famous.

The popularity of “The Strawberry Dress”

COVID-19 pandemic could not be proved successful in halting the fashion industry. The designer designed this dress back in July 2019. It became viral right after getting posted on social media. Matoshi hoped for fewer sales due to the current situation but it went against as the dress has got enough popularity. Lately, this dress with its coordinating mask is the best selling item of the Matoshi brand. The majority of the people bought it even without knowing where to wear it. Due to its popularity, Matoshi has gifted it to fashion influencers and celebrities.

Why “The Strawberry Dress” Became So Popular

This dress gained this much popularity because of its pink and universally pretty nature. Moreover, it has a flexible range of sizes that is uncommon for fancy dresses. After seeing it on social media, a number of females found it eye-catching and yearned to get it. Girls found it like a Disney-Princess dress which is a complement to them. TikTok released a popular song on cottagecore known as “Strawberry Blonde,” which pairs with this dress profoundly.

Popularity is on Screen more than the Streets

Even though people are rushing to buy this dress yet it is more popular on screens rather than on the streets. The sold quantities are not registered up to the mark. The fans of this dress are going to photoshop it more than actually wearing. It is more visible in TikTok cottagecore song instead of on roads. One of the influencers, Avery Mayeur has declared to portray her favorite anime character in the strawberry dress.

Sentiments of Matoshi behind The Strawberry Dress

Matoshi always wanted to design something inspirational. While designing her collection she gets inspiration from her childhood. Usually, strawberries, dresses, gowns, and nature in general, attracts her the most. That’s the reason she puts proper natural focus while fabricating her collection.

Cover Photo Credit: lirikamatoshi

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