Sports playing team may not be uncommon for Canadian students. Baloch Sisters Halima Hossinzehi and her sister Sarah have a team of Baloch-Canadian people in East Gwillimbury, Ontario. These girls realize that in their community, they are given less support as compared to boys in the field of sports. Hence, to spread motivation among other girls of their community they took this step forward.

Canadian Baloch Culture

Baloch culture contains its own Balochi language with various jargon and upholds its own traditions comprising folk festivals and different fashions of garment-making, among others. Today, the maximum of the Baloch community lives in the Balochistan region of southwestern Asia, extending areas of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Though, most of the families have migrated to North America from the area and groups have been organized, for example, the Canadian Baloch Cultural and Social Community, a non-profit organization that tries to unify Baloch people and lawyers for their rights, as well as here and abroad, developing in a rigid community in Canada.

Baloch women playing sports

Halima is a student at the University of Ontario Tech. She received her degree of bachelor in Kinesiology and exercised science. Now she is doing a Masters in Neuromechanics. Sarah is studying nursing at Centennial College. Both of these sisters participate in sports as their hobbies, with this busy curricular schedule. One of the sisters has been playing basketball for her childhood. Halima also played rugby in high school, while Sarah is pretty expert in basketball and volleyball. They noted the need for Baloch women on their teams, they brought the idea to promote their culture in an unexpected way, told by the court.

The sisters with a friend dressed up in a formal Baloch suit to play hoops. They shot the pictures in their friend’s backyard. They invested massive time in selecting a place for their court and developing it digitally. The result promoted the idea of Baloch women playing sports.

Baloch Costumes

The decent Baloch costumes for the photoshoot, containing embroidered suits, matching pants, and head coverings. The majority of the pieces are handmade. The costumes are made by using the Balochi technique, with a bright needlework technique that utilizes triangular contours. For a normal day on the court, the women wear sports clothing. Baloch prefers to wear different attires on different events. Since sports are not so common in their culture, hence, they don’t have any customized attires for sports.

Baloch Sisters Voice

After posting their photos on social media Halima and Sarah have collected thousands of likes and good responses. At last, Halima was happy to see Baloch people receiving proper representation. They mentioned thata majority of people do not know their background as Balochi girls. Generally, their community has no proper displays on social media and in the overall community. These girls want the world to acknowledge them in the way they are. They might appear voiceless, but in fact, they have a vibrant voice,” added bythe sisters.

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