Face masks act as a barrier between the atmosphere and the oral cavity of humans. In this way, they prevent the wide-spread of COVID-19 by hampering contaminated respiratory droplets to reach and infect us. Anyhow, a contaminated mask is potentially able to do bad rather than good. Hence, they should be cleaned right after their use and should be discarded after excessive usage.

How contaminated face masks spread COVID-19?

A person can easily get in contact with COVID-19 after touching a contaminated mask as it contains a lot of germs. The chances of clutching the ailment become significantly higher after petting a mouth or nose with the same contaminated hands. That’s the reason it is quite necessary to disinfect the face masks in a proper manner after using them.

In the article below, there are given some ways through which we can save our face masks from the sources of this contagious illness.

Safeguarding of Cloth Face Masks

Certain cloth face masks including bandanas, scarves, and neck gaiters are the types of face masks that require proper cleaning right after their usage. There exists a range of procedures to disinfect these cloth face masks. But the most recommendable beginning is to wash the hands before removing the face mask. While cleaning it through the washing machine, just toss it into the machine and add normal detergent with bleach. On completing the round, take it out, skim through clean warm water and let it get dry.

We can also clean it manually by drenching it into a solution containing detergent, bleach, and, water. After 5 minutes, we can rinse it thoroughly with water and can use it on getting dry. It is highly encouraged to wash these clothes made face masks after each use.

Disinfecting Medical-Grade Masks

It is said that certain types of masks i.e. N95 and surgical masks are made for only a single-use. It means that such masks should be discarded after use. However, they can be reused only if proper procedures are applied to clean them. For instance, UVC germicidal irradiation or vapor phase hydrogen peroxide are used to purify N95 masks. Since there is a low demand for N95 masks, hence no one has carried out these tests of purification upon them yet.

The wearers should inspect such face masks if they cannot replace them repetitively. If they remain clean and intact, then they should be preserved in clean and airy containers or bags. However, they should be totally discarded once they get dirty, torn, or wet due to moisture.

Protection of Face Shields

Face shields require their own kind of protection. They are worn alongside masks for additional protection. They can easily be cleaned by neutral detergent mixture or any other mild solution. In order to remove the residue from both the sides of the face shield, we can wipe it with freshwater or alcohol. Don’t forget to wash the hands after cleaning face shields.

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