A recent study has depicted that The United Kingdom is going to face almost double risks by the spread of the second wave of COVID-19 after reopening of schools without complying with adequate testing and tracing systems.

Inadequate Prevention will Impact Public Health

Different researchers from University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine displayed models to demonstrate the impact of the second wave of COVID-19. These models clearly manifest how this novel virus will be impacting the country’s public health through various situations.

Upgraded Testing and Tracing Systems

The government of the UK needs to develop certain reforms to prevent the second wave of the COVID-19 to hit badly, this recent study has determined that reopening of schools in the UK demands these two measurements on urgent basis:-

·        Early diagnosis and isolation of 75% of people having COVID-19 symptoms

·        Tracing of 68% of the contacts of the victims of COVID-19

Second Wave of COVID-19 May prove Fatal

According to the study, the current testing and tracing system in England has reached almost 50% of the contacts of positively affected victims. If the testing level fails to attain the required grades and social distancing measures are not followed. Then, the second wave of COVID-19 will appear in December with 2-2.3 times intensive adversities than what the UK has already experienced.

Pandemic Demands for Valuable Actions

The authors of this study have declared that the study does not support the shutdown of schools. Rather, it suggests extensive and up to dated testing and tracing systems. Undoubtedly, the testing system is under maturity and it needs to become advanced as early as possible. Since none of the government officials including the UK Prime Minister is in favor of student’s stay at home anymore. Hence an improved and enhanced testing and tracing system will assist in bringing the students back to their schools.

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