The researchers of Filipino have recently detected a more infectious and dominant strain of coronavirus.

The New Mutation- G614

Researchers have detected a new mutation of the terrible SARS-CoV-2 virus known as G614. This new version of the virus has completely replaced the old D614. It is also starting circulating around the globe with its contagious effects. This newly created mutation affects the spike protein of the components from which the viruses are inserted into the cell to infect it.

Results of Research

The researchers have found this mutated version of coronavirus from a small sample taken from infected people. Just like the D614 which was collected during early research in March 2020, this new strain of G614 has been collected in June. Both of these samples have a similar aspect as both were collected from small samples of positive cases from highly populated areas of the state. As all the samples have been collected from the same city, hence researchers believe that it has not spread countrywide yet.

Action Mechanism of New Strain

The researchers have revealed the more infectious nature of this newly found strain of coronavirus. This new version rapidly multiplies into its multiple copies in the upper respiratory tract. Since, it attacks quickly at nose, sinuses, and throat, hence it spreads more quickly than the older one. However, there is a good feature of this new strain as it does not severely harm the affected person.

Strategies to Overcome the Mutation

There is a need to study and develop effective strategies to prevent the spread of this new strain. The University of Philippines –backed genome center suggests exploring the mechanism of tracking the mutation of the virus. By doing so, one can develop gainful containment, diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic strategies. The Health Secretary of the Philippines has declared permission to broaden its study on a wide level.

Destruction from COVID-19 to the Philippines

The Philippines counts a total of 161,253 Covid-19 cases with 2,665 death and 112,586 recoveries. The county has imposed the sever lockdown throughout its boundaries in order to make the public to stay at home to stay safe.

Cover Image by Gerd Altmann

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