Yellow fever is a severe viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Symptoms of yellow fever include fever, headache, jaundice, muscle pain, nausea, and fatigue. It infects about 200,000 people and causes an estimated 30,000 deaths each year. Yellow fever is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquito. Moreover, the same species of mosquito that spreads dengue is also capable of diffusing yellow fever. Pandemic generally extends the risk of yellow fever.

Antibody Discovery

A group of researchers at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) have developed a latent antibody treatment TY014, for yellow fever. The antibody treatment is developed within seven months using a hasty response strategy, a feat that generally takes several years.

The researchers describe the methods and results of curative Anti-Yellow Fever Virus Human Antibody.  The study has signified the potential for yellow fever treatment using TY014.

Minimize New Drug-Making Time

The monoclonal antibodies are used to treat a variety of infectious diseases including cancer. Many steps are necessary to adapt to drug development. The concentrated timeline for TY014 was enabled by a development process that carefully monitors product quality. The process also correlates them with safety toxicology and pharmacokinetic.

This process can be expanded to treat other infectious diseases like COVID-19 antibody treatment (TY027). It was also developed by the same team in just four months using this approach.

Testing Effectiveness of the Vaccine

The clinical study was conducted at the Medical Unit in Singapore in healthy human volunteers. Researchers found that TY014 treatment, the virus was invisible in blood samples of people who received the antibodies. As well as treatment reduced inflammation of vaccination, compared to people who received the vaccine but not the antibody treatment.

Reward of Vaccination

By vaccinating 80% of the population at risk can prevent the epidemic. Furthermore, the vaccine is contraindicated in infants and those above 60 years old, as well as in immunocompromised persons. Analysts’ used a computational approach to develop the TY014 antibody to specifically target an epitope on the yellow fever virus.  This will help to reduce the stress on global healthcare systems in directing a yellow fever outbreak.

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