Researchers have identified a modish way to treat breast cancer that will reduce the radiotherapy shots to a single rather than multiple times. This treatment will benefit the women by saving their time to go to the hospital frequently and enable them to recover quickly.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Therapy

This newly invented breast cancer therapy requires just a single shot instead of multiple ones. Still, it is as effective as the traditional ones which take weeks to treat this ailment. The clinicians of University College London have developed this technique and the people all around the globe are welcoming it jubilantly.


Conventional External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT), requires daily treatment of the breast for a time span of 3-6 weeks making a total of 15-30 trips to the hospital. Whereas, TARGIT-IORT brings these visits to a single session as it prevents from side effects of breast radiotherapy.

How does (TARGIT-IORT) work?

This single-shot treatment has proved its effectiveness to treat breast cancer at a wide level. This treatment is basically known as Targeted Intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT-IORT). It is carried out right after removing the tumor with the help of a tiny ball-shaped gadget that is placed inside the infected area in the breast. This treatment completes within 20-30 minutes and eliminates the need for frequent hospital visits. It lessens the time of recovery by instantly boosting the well-being of the sufferer.

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Advantages of (TARGIT-IORT)

The leader of these studies declared that women suffering from breast cancer can go for surgery and radiation treatment at once. In this way, it reduces the time living in hospitals. Since this treatment has long-term positive results, hence it should be accessible at a wider range. Healthcare providers should discuss with their patients to deploy this technique while planning surgery.

Reviews of Authors of the Study

One of the main study authors claims that this new treatment does not only effectively treat the ailment but also prevents death from other associated causes. Furthermore, it has few side effects related to radiations and it offers less pain in contrast to the traditional ways of curing the illness. Along with it, researchers found that upon relying on this treatment eight out of ten women do not feel the need for post-operative radiotherapy treatments. Additionally, it gives rise to zero risks of getting back cancer again. Researchers are hopeful that this invention will bring a huge and noticeable difference in this time when breast cancer has become a common disease in both genders.

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