Running a family business is a huge responsibility. Why? Because a successive lineage worked hard for so many years to build an establishment. Taking charge of ancestry business, maintaining the legacy, and making it grow even more is a tough task for many young people, especially children. This article is a bit of advice for young family businessmen, who are under serious responsibility for their legacy.

Devin Wills – a young entrepreneur– taking over the responsibilities and commitments of his Father’s company in 2017, after Andy Wills (Devin’s Father) died of a heart attack. Andy Wills is his only life partner along with the absence of his mother. Devin is a young boy of 20s and has just focused on installing a roofing system with his father. And unexpectedly his father died of a heart attack. Devin left all alone with the responsibility of the ancestry business company established by his Father.

Un-imaginary events flooded in Devin’s life make him depressed and overwhelmed. His life took an unexpected turn that his healthy nurturing life changed into an intoxicated nightmare. He has been into drugs, alcohol, and deep deprivation. And there is no way out for him. Devin talks about his experience saying “What gagged me down that road was the fact that at such a young age the only thing that made me happy was being intoxicated and surrounded by other intoxicated people.

His deepest grieve makes him lead to this impaired lifestyle and with time he starts hating being sober because according to Devin being sober reminds him of his depression and grief. Later then he was trying to overcome his problems but he didn’t take a break due to which his life messed up completely. Devin called those days “Dark Days of his life”

He breaks the chain

Devin is entangled in impair-able events and these events are not eternal. The only thing he needs is Willpower and discovering his inner strength. He chooses the path of perseverance and rehabilitation – 500 days free of drugs and alcohol is the first step towards the light.

The first encounter with his decision from darkness to light was thanks to a seminar organized by Grant Cardone in Miami. Hearing the experiences of others about how they overcame darkest times in their lives clear Devin’s perspective.

After that conference, reclamation was inspired to move forward. As a result, he has completely transformed his habits, becoming a lover of mountain biking, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, windsurfing, snowboarding, and becoming an avid reader.

Devin thinks that light is always hidden inside you the only key to open that is mentality and willpower. When you think you can do it, nothing will stop you from doing it. He said that 3 steps helped him move on: knowing why to develop a daily practice and stay in a learning atmosphere.

We always measure success via money and business growth but in actual Devin’s success is to overcome his darkest time. It is completely unfair to ignore his achievement as a young entrepreneur. A person is successful who lives a peaceful personal life.

Moreover, Devin Wills grows exponentially in residential properties. And pursue his passion entering real estates.

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