During this time, health workers all around the world are addressing the required protocols to remain intact from novel coronavirus. All of those safety parameters are focusing on one thing and that is, “Administration of Vaccines” to stay protected from any viral infection.

Protect the Elderly

A webinar knew as, “Protect the Elderly” was recently arranged by the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV). The aim of this webinar was to ensure practicing immunization techniques during quarantine by putting a special focus on old aged people. We all know that the old-aged people act as a vulnerable segment of the community to viral infection. To highlight this reality, the webinar focused on the insertion of influenza vaccines to the elderly.

Vaccines Safeguard Immune System

Anti-viral vaccines protect the immune system from weakening. That’s the reason the vulnerable sector of the community i.e. the elderly can enjoy a number of health benefits after insertion of vaccines. These anti-viral vaccines not only delay and eliminate the risk of getting coronavirus but also prevent bacterial ailments like pneumonia.

How Elderly are Susceptible to Flu?

There exist various reasons that call for vaccines to be administered into the elderly. During growing old, the tendency of the immune system to protect us against diseases starts to diminish. Furthermore, old age encourages the onset of heart and lung diseases including diabetes as well. Diabetics experience flu-related sickness 3-6 times higher than non-diabetics. Moreover, natural physical modifications like attenuated cough and gag reflex, malnutrition, dis functioning of understanding capabilities, and loss of self-care make them rely on medical equipment. All of these factors play their part altogether to make the elderly more susceptible to viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Importance of Vaccination During the Pandemic

Flu vaccinations become the need of the hour during such a hard time of the pandemic. Being proactively administered with vaccines does not only prevent infections but also reduces stress and anxiety. Furthermore, nowadays, flu may get combine with COVID-19 to make the situation more complicated.


Vaccination plays a crucial role in saving people from different viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. It reduces the ratio of people to get hospitalized in order to seek a cure after getting any infection. Moreover, it also protects the healthy people around you by keeping you healthy. Hence, reach a trustworthy doctor to get vaccinated prior to clutching the disease.

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