Working from home is good for fashion-obsessed designers as well as for buyers, it’s the most enchanted attitudes of a unique style that is designed behind sealed doors. The same situation fits Jennifer Zuiker’s Alexander McQueen exhibition or collection. It is assembled during Lee Alexander McQueen’s lifetime and comprised of ready-to-wear outfits. Zuiker is a citizen of Los Angeles and a collector. He bought outfit pieces from the McQueen Maison for over two decades and build a museum that is an excellent library of outstanding pants, Plato’s Atlantis clothes, and Sarabande coats. The exhibition or fashion show will be held online, with Zuiker’s pieces staying in a storehouse in Los Angeles till the sale on the 10th of September.

Lady Kinvara Balfour is the friend of Jennifer Alexander McQueen, is a builder of the 2018 McQueen’s documentary, in which Zuiker’s collection was shown. He said that Jennifer was very personal and didn’t prefer any attention or honor for herself. However, she was really pleased that her clothes were promoted as she really wanted to feature them. The fashion lovers will catch a glimpse of the similarity between Zuiker’s variety and Schreie’s collection. The last exhibition of Sandy Schreie was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute before COVID-19 lockdown. Schreie is a Detroit resident and he managed a collection of various hundred pieces of ready-to-wear. Zuiker’s exhibition of mythical McQueen outfits is outstanding.  It seems that time has preserved the contributions of a genius and diligent master.

Balfour said that the collections of Jennifer are so adorable. He showed his love by saying that he will definitely buy a couple of outfits from this sale. Most of the people who want to buy these outfits must take into consideration their preferred designs and budgets for getting benefit from this amazing sale.

Cover Photo By SoniaT 360./flickr

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