The most energetic earthquake hit North Carolina in over 100 years shook many parts of the state this Sunday.

The earthquake hit at 8:07 AM around 100 miles north of Charlotte close to the town of Sparta, which is settled along North Carolina’s border-side with Virginia.

The power of the earthquake was supposed to be felt as distant as South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, as per the US Geological Survey. The office said it got a various report of the shake in Atlanta, 300 miles from the epicenter

“It felt like a big locomotive going by and a big wave coming underneath the bed,” the mayor told CNN.

There were no reports of injuries, however, there has been minor damage to structures in the Images rising via web-based networking media show structures with broke dividers and stores with items spread around the floor.

‘East of the Rockies, an earthquake can be felt over an area as much as ten times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the West Coast,’ the USGS said

‘According to our forecast, there is 4 percent chances of several aftershocks which may have larger than magnitude 5.1 over the next 1 week. There will likely be smaller earthquakes over the next 1 Week, with … magnitude 3 or higher aftershocks’ Sunday’s earthquake thundered at a depth of around 5.7 miles, which the USGS considers to be a shallow quake.

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