“There exist nearly zero chances of transferring COVID-19 from mothers to their newborn babies as far as they practice precautionary measures,” US revealed new research.

Risks of Transmission

An observational study was conducted to check either infected women pass on the COVID-19 to their newborn babies or not. Surprisingly, it was found that such mothers do not transfer this ailment to their children even remaining in skin-to-skin contact. The babies and mothers share a common room to live. Mothers breastfeed their infants by wearing surgical masks and do-follow frequent hand and breast washing practices.

Results of Research

There needs extensive research to draw a final conclusion about this transmission. However, till yet no such cases are found. As there were tested 120 newborn babies in New York. All of them went through testing after 24 hours of their birth. Tests were again conducted for several babies after five to seven days followed by a test after two weeks. However, scrutiny showed no positive results or even any symptoms of COVID-19 in newborn babies.

Precautions to be followed

Results gathered from WHO and UK’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that sharing a single room and feeding baby by mother is safe while following preventive measures. They support this fact that skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding are important for developing mother-infant affiliation. Moreover, it is also vital for the long-term health of an infant. That’s the reason they are in favor of their findings which show them safe zone for infants by staying with their infected maters.


Physicians previously suggested to temporarily separate the newborn babies from their COVID-19 infected mothers. However, in light of the recent studies, they now support their union by remaining in touch with each other. Hence, it is concluded that they are safe for each other until and unless mothers follow the preventive measures on a regular basis.

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