More than 100 individuals were arrested Monday following a night of snatching, looting, and protest that left 13 officers harmed and caused damage in the city’s upscale Magnificent Mile shopping district and different areas of the city, officials said. CBS Chicago reports Police Superintendent David Brown said it was “an incident of pure criminality” that was provoked by the shooting of a person by police the earlier day in the city’s Englewood neighborhood.

At a certain point early Monday, shots were opened at police and officials returned shoot, however, there were no injuries reported.

One official was seen drooped against a building and a stone was tossed at a police vehicle. Police worked early Monday to scatter the crowd, the news said.

Brown said a heavy police nearness is normal in the midtown region and a special group  will look at footage of the scene from Sunday night and examine it and pledged”to pursue these offenders to the fullest extent of the law.”

“This is not a legitimate First Amendment protected speech. These were not poor people engaged in petty theft to feed themselves and their family,” she said. “This was straight-up felony criminal conduct.”

“This was straight up, felony criminal conduct,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “This was an assault on our city.”

Train and transport administration into downtown was temporarily suspended, the Chicago Transit Authority said on Twitter. Bridges over the Chicago River were lifted, forestalling travel to and from the midtown region, and Illinois State Police hindered some expressway into downtown. Access was being reestablished later Monday morning.

Chicago and its rural areas, in the same way as other different urban communities, saw distress following the demise of Floyd. Chicago’s central business district and its business regions were closed down for a few days after brutality emitted and stores were harmed in the wake of walks fighting Floyd’s passing. Floyd, a Black man who was bound, kicked the bucket after a white official squeezed his knee against Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes as Floyd said he was unable to relax.

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