Wearing the gold medallion necklaces possessing latent and inherent meaning imparts a sense of satisfaction and inner solace. It is the most beautiful and attractive way to enjoy the sentiments of being a celebrity. The good aspect is the absence of hard and fast rules for deciding the accurate number of gold coins or medallions on a necklace. Similarly, these medallion necklaces do not put any stress on the frequency of their usage. What makes them versatile is their flexible tendency to be worn with every outfit and attire.

Background of Gold Medallion Necklaces

In the past, the Greco-Romans used to wear these necklaces to display their status. The more number of gold coins used to manifest the healthier financial setup of the person wearing it. Gradually, the circular disc pendant prevailed and replaced the gold coins. Nowadays, the prevailed circular disc pendant is regarded as a symbol of nuanced status.

This pendant can be customized according to the will of the wearer. For Instance, it can be in the form of your horoscope, wedding date, any past memory, future expectation, or anything that can be embedded. As the layers of medallion necklaces go on increasing with time, so is the case of stories and moments which reside embedded in it.

Types of Medallion Necklaces

There exist a range of different types of medallion necklaces. Each of them represents a different theme and style. Following are the major and the most used types:-

Singular Medallion

A prominent singular medallion hanging with a chain is the most modish and decent way to carry this necklace. It can be made more exclusive by adding your personal belongings like a child’s birthstone or a symbolic representation of an evil eye.

Layered Medallions

In order to build a jewelry one can opt multiple medallions to be layered upon each other. For this type of necklace, it is generally believed that the more-is-more approach behaves pretty well.

Symbolic Medallions

By wearing your stars prominently through symbolic medallions, you can easily display your self- traits. Only one or a collection of symbols can serve the purpose in a beneficial manner.

Stony Medallions

One can put one’s desirable stones to beautify the medallions. From gold to silver, and jade to moonstone one can get one’s favorite stone hanging as a medallion.

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