Logitech has declared openly a wireless interpretation of its 2019 Pro X gaming headset called the Pro X Lightspeed. It’s virtually comparable to the circuited rendition, precise with the similar aluminum and steel configuration, apart from there are limited key discrepancies. 

For one, it accentuates USB-C charging. A thriving quantity of wired gaming headsets has a USB-C port for immersing, nonetheless supreme wireless gaming headsets charged by Micro USB, that can be stagnant to reprimand and an annoyance to plop. Identical to Audeze’s Penrose and Corsair’s Virtuoso Wireless, there the Pro X Lightspeed recruits the dignities inclined toward periodic others, regarding this virtue.

The other bonus, indisputably, is being wireless. The audio and conversation are performed via its encompassed 2.4GHz USB Type-A wireless receiver, and Logitech alleges the headset can persist conjugated to 13 meters far — if, for some justification, we discover ourselves 42 feet far from our PC or gaming room.

Like the wired Pro X, Logitech incorporates an outfit of protective covering suds headsets with this modern prototype that we can formulate if the preinstalled cordovan pads aren’t doing it for us.we occasionally love to posture one ear cup off our ear so we can listen what’s happening nearby, but that promptly verified too depressing to proceed to accomplish.

One additional region where the Pro X Lightspeed fluctuates is with its switches. It has a devoted mute button for the microphone as well as a rubber volume protuberance at hand the demountable boom microphone on the left cup. The wired Pro X has these characteristics, too, even so, they’re discovered on the cable instead.

The wired Pro X is hitherto on the more luxurious end of gaming earpads, so a $199.99 price for a wireless interpretation with identical characteristics isn’t out of the blue. If that expense is too high for anybody, there are a bunch of additional alternatives accessible for limited use, albeit without USB-C or Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed relationship.

Cover Image: Logitech

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