In the Entrepreneurial World, age is not a barrier but a lack of strategic approach towards business setups. The world has witnessed numerous examples of Successful Entrepreneurs at a very Young Age. The finest examples are Zain and Farhaz Kheraj who managed to penetrate the Entrepreneurial community amazingly at the age of 26 and 28.

Risking and almost leaving their financially stable life and plunge in a certain pool of dreams were the life-changing moments for them. They decided to live their dreams rather than following the same conventional patterns of earning and spending life. The innovative sense they were carrying was capable enough to make them realize the power of executing ideas.

They become able to achieve their phenomenal dream of making a Sports analytics firm called TrustMySystem.

The firm comprises qualified analysts all over the US who are providing impediment packages and reliable services.

Consistency towards goals:

To keep making the efforts at a constant pattern is what all the Successful people of the world believe in achieving more. Kheraj brothers have executed the same consistency and patience towards their goals.

The Combination of love for the Sports and providing analysis lead them to the idea of making TrustMySystem. They constantly work on its establishment and take it to the ground within a short period of time.


Not anyone can achieve perfection for the first time. Success is a series of repeating efforts in order to improve functioning.

Kheraj brothers improve their strategies with the passage of time. At every step, they evaluate their progress and become better in the long run.

Seek Opportunities in crises:

Opportunities never nourish in a smooth and favorable time. They always originate at the time of crises in which efficiency and strategic approach is highly demanded. Kheraj brothers always take advantage of the Crises to rebuild and expand their business.

Risk Taking Nature:

No one has achieved success in this world without taking risks. Dreams need the courage to plunge in the random wave of opportunities. Kheraj brothers were followed the same during their careers. They leave their jobs to establish their firm which was much risk-taking. It works at the end and now they have been recognized with great Entrepreneurial prestige.

Cover Photo Credit: Farhaz Kheraj/instagram

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