Several years back, Bill Gates was interviewed by a TV show in which the journalist asked him a question. She asked Bill Gates:” Mr. Gates, what is the secret of your success?” After this question, an interesting thing happened to the show. Instead of answering a question, Bill Gates presented her with a blank check and told her to write whatever amount on it. She nicely returned the check to Mr. Gates and insisted on the same question. After that, bill gates handed her the check again. She not only refused the check but also tore it into half.

Bill Gates looked at her and finally answered her earlier question in these words “the secret of my success is I do not miss any opportunities like you just did. And if you had that thing in mind, you could have the richest journalist on this planet’’- Added Mr. Gates.

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Here present another story of a self-professed bitcoin entrepreneur named Saurel. One of his writing recommends us in a way Bill Gates recommends that journalists. He writes that “you will only succeed when you are able enough to take immediate response required when a golden opportunity get to your feet” he deliberately writes that “So if one day a billionaire gave you a blank check, ask you to put the amount of your choice, you must not waste time over unnecessary questions take massive action instantly”

These are just examples quoted by billionaires to develop the mindset of grabbing opportunities right on time. Seizing opportunities, smaller or larger, may prove a turning point in someone’s life. If a person has the philosophy of “already prepare for an opportunity”, no one can stop him to be successful.

In this context, some people compromise on their basic code of conduct in order to attain an opportunity. See, Gill bates is not going to give you a blank check. Not every glitter is gold, likewise not every opportunity is meant for you. Life does not work that way, nor is it business.

Cover Photo Credit: Mohammad Jangda/flickr

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