Marina Moscone four- year- old brand has introduced the concept of razor-sharp tailoring through designing draped evening dresses. If it is specified exclusively for lockdown dressing, it might seem opulent at first sight. However, it all depends upon the wearer as it’s all a matter of how you carry those flexible dresses. The designer personally prefers to wear attires casually and she likes it when her customers find her dresses to get worn on different occasions. The flexibility within the dresses has made them fit to wear in everyday life.

Background of the Brand

Back in 2016, Moscone and her sister Francesca had launched their brand, ‘Vancouver-born duo”. It has attained a quick success due to the feature of timeless clothing. The articles made by them are capable of staying in a woman’s wardrobe for limitless time. Moscone has always tried to bring versatility in her articles through by giving them an unusual texture and modish motifs containing certain details. That’s the reason a number of celebrities like Rose Huntington-Whiteley, Martha Hunt, and Michelle Obama are found to wear her pieces on different occasions.

Moscone understands the worth of a comely but complete attire due to her habit of dressing up every day differently even during the lockdown. She believes that wearing a complete dress even during staying at home motivates the spirit of designing something open to interpretation. To give her ideas a perfect look, Moscone has been working hard for her 2020 resort collection. This collection is special in a manner that it contains hand-woven details crafted by herself on a wooden loom.

Sustainability of Strong Customer Relationship

Moscone puts great stress on sustaining a true and strong customer relationship management. She knows that people desire to look nurtured from physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. To promote her concerns, she has designed certain pieces with cashmere and wool to manifest the soft side for the Marina Moscone woman.

Moscone Listens to Heart of her Clients

The pandemic broke out with a number of challenges for the brand. Moscone wanted to make her staff feel like a connected community even while working remotely. But these crises made her think about the final destination of her brand. During the lockdown, she restated her vision of having more time to design meaningful collections that could stay longer in the hearts and minds of her customers. She feels that customers don’t get happy when a retailer rotates the already available stuff after every two weeks. This is why she puts hard to bring versatility in the collection in order to run it longer.

Retaining Loyal Customers is an actual Success

For building comfort and cozy zone for loyal clients, Marina Moscone is investing both her time and resources in the best possible manner. Despite the presence of a number of rivals, her brand is growing for customers via online stores and separate production of bespoke articles for private customers. Moscone yearns to design the best for the women community because she believes that in the end, it is the woman who makes everything run effectively.

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