The Hong Kong business giant Jimmy Lai has been arrested alongside other pro-democracy and media figures, raising fears of dread of an expansive crackdown by China.

“We can’t worry that much, we can only go with the flow,” Jimmy Lai said, before being entering into a police vehicle.

Hong Kong police affirmed that they had captured 10 individuals – nine men and one lady – aged somewhere in the range of 23 and 72.

Police said around 200 officials entered the premises with a court warrant. The law permits police to look through premises without one “under exceptional circumstances”, and permits archives, equipment, and financial assets seized. The pursuit was done by mid-evening, and police said they had gathered 25 boxes of proof.

Apple Daily detailed that one of Lai’s children, Ian, had likewise been captured at his home and later demonstrated his café, Cafe Seasons, being searched by police.

His case is the most prominent case so far under a controversial security law forced by China in June.

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